From November 15 to 18, Azimut Olympic Moscow Hotel was the venue of the VII Moscow International Lubricant Week. The conference hosted a number of events, including the XII International Conference “Lubricants Russia – 2016”, the VII International Conference “Greases Ryssia – 2016”, the VII Specialized Exhibition “Services and Equipment for the Lubricant Market – 2016”, the “Infineum Trends – 2016” Conference and informal cocktail reception for the Open Collar
Event attendees and a formal evening reception hosted by LUKOIL Lubricants Company, the General Sponsor of the Event.

The international conference “Lubricants Russia” is a premier annual event for the Russian downstream petroleum industry. In the seven years since inception, the conference has evolved into the highest-profile industry event not only on the Russian but also on the European stage. The 2016 conference was attended by over 530 participants.

General Sponsor - LUKOIL Lubricants Company.

Sponsor-Partner - Evonik Oil Additives.

Special Sponsor - Sepahan Oil Co.

The event is supported by the ATIEL Association.

The primary objective of the Moscow International Lubricants Week is to set up a direct dialogue between lubricant manufacturers and major customers, identify lubricant demand trends and major changes in the demand components, and encourage cooperation between lubricant developers and manufacturers.

The conference brought together major Russian and foreign manufacturers of lubricants, additives, greases and liquid coolants; leading global and Russian transportation and manufacturing companies; and major lubricant users, including LUKOIL Lubricants, INTESMO, LLK-Naftan, Infineum, Sepahan Oil, Afton Chemicals, Lubrizol, Chevron Oronite, Evonik Oil Additives, BASF, Frigmaires Engineers, BPT Chemicals, Rosneft Lubricants, Gazpromneft Lubricants, MIC GSM, Rhein Chemie, APL, Vanderbilt, Dow Corning, Idemitsu Lubricants, Qualitet, NAMI-KHIM, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Ford Sollers, AVTOVAZ -RENAULT- NISSAN, Lifan, VNIIZhT, KAMAZ, AVTOVAZ, Avtodizel and many others.

In total, more than 160 leading Russian and foreign businesses from 29 countries attended the Moscow International Lubricant Week. Delegates from Russia and the CIS made up 81 percent of the attendees, with the remaining 19 percent representing Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific. About a third of the attendees were corporate top managers. 39 percent percent were middle managers and specialists from manufacturing, engineering, and research and development practices. Marketing and procurement personnel from manufacturing and transportation companies made up 24 percent. The attendee industry breakdown was as follows. 24 percent were delegates from Russian and foreign VIOCs (including oil refineries); 33 percent were lubricant manufacturers; 14 percent were trading houses and dealers; 19 percent were lubricant and lubricant component developers; 2 percent were consulting companies and financial and investment institutions; and 8 percent were others, including media.

Uomo Collezioni company supported the event as a Brand Sponsor.

In 2017 the Moscow International Lubricant Week is expected to become the biggest industry event in Europe and the CIS. It will be held from November 14 to 17.

Making use of this opportunity, we would like to thank the general sponsor of the conference, LUKOIL Lubricants Company, for its support traditionally extended to the event.
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